• Ektron CMS400.NET

    Take Control of Your Content

    Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to quickly edit your website with little or no web editing skills, via any internet enabled device. We love putting our clients in control of their content. That is what we do best. And what’s cool about us is when it comes to CMS options we stay neutral. We prefer to work with our clients to research and select the most appropriate system for them, rather than offering a single solution which might not be suitable.
    BB - Sample Project

    Beautiful and Functional Websites

    Did you know form and function can be friends? We do. It’s a key part of our philosophy. We pride ourselves on making beautiful, trendy websites that are also highly functional. And guess what? We're really good at it too! So, whether your project requires award-winning design, dynamic, database-driven content or e-commerce, we want to be your interactive agency.
    Google Analytics

    Trying to decipher your Google Analytics data?

    Square Root Interactive’s Google Analytics certfied staff can help you translate your data into the information you need to drive decisions. Our services give you the flexibility to chose as little or as much training and consulting needed to achieve the benefits you want from this tool. And, we can provide these services onsite or online.
  • We are geeks, techies, artists, wordsmiths, problem solvers and strategic thinkers.

    And, while it might sound a bit cliché, because of WHO we are, we are truly passionate about WHAT we do. We help businesses and organizations achieve their interactive communication goals, and we have fun doing it. After all, our work environment revolves around innovation and creativity in a fast-paced industry that never gets boring. And, the biggest perk of all is creating really cool websites!